Artist's Statement

"The human body is the finest work of art."

Susan Summerton, MD This sentence so eloquently captures my experience as a radiologist and as an artist. Our bodies are an incredible machine; we are truly wonderfully made. It is miraculous that the various parts of our body—each designed for specific functions—somehow work in harmony, day in and day out, year after year, without any mental direction or recognition from us.

I have the exceptional privilege of gazing inside the human body every day, witnessing this miracle over and over again. This unique perspective has allowed me to develop a deep appreciation of the visual aspects of the inner workings of the human body.

As I have become more experienced in my career over nearly three decades, I have come to a new realization through my radiology practice and now with my artistic perspective. I have found that when you look deep inside of us, all of us, we look the same. Skin color, religious beliefs, gender…none of these matter as we look at the core of our being. My elbow looks like your elbow, my ribs looks like your ribs, my heart looks like your heart.

I hope that everyone who views my art will develop a greater appreciation for the miracle that is the human body, the realization that we are all wondrous creations, and the recognition that what we have in common is our humanity.